Spider custom fiber glass interlocking insulation sprays in filling all gaps and voids in your walls, significantly improving energy efficiency, sound control and family comfort.

Benefits of Spider Insulation System

Spider custom insulation generates superior thermal performance with variable thickness levels which can fill 2×4 cavities up to an R-15 thermal rating and 2×6 cavities up to R-23. Because it is Formaldehyde-free, Spider supports better indoor air quality. This insulation also resists mold because it sprays in almost dry (less moisture content than wood framing), and is treated with a U.S. EPA-registered mold inhibitor to protect the insulation against mold. Spider insulation can be used for both wall and ceiling applications. Custom homes deserve custom insulation. Spider is a top choice.


Spider spray-in interlocking insulation is sprayed in wet (damp) with a mold inhibiting glue. The fiber glass does not feel wet to the touch and drywall can be installed as soon as the insulation is installed. Being a spray in system, it fills very well around wires, plumbing, penetrations, and irregularities in wall cavities such as plug boxes and switch boxes.

Lower waste

This system was designed to have virtually no waste. The wall cavities are purposely over filled, then another tool called a “wall scrubber” scrubs the excess material off, leaving the insulation flush with the stud facing. Finally a high power commercial insulation vacuum comes behind and sucks up all the over spray and scrubbed off excess insulation leaving the room clean. The excess insulation is returned to the truck via hoses and re-sprayed into the walls eliminating waste.

No settling or wait times

There are other spray systems on the market, but they just can’t hold up to what Spider can. Because Spider is installed with a mold inhibiting glue and not water, it does not settle in your walls. Other products such as cellulose are known to settle as much as 30%, and usually start settling as soon as the material starts to dry. (Think about wet paper drying out) Another key advantage is the wait times. With Spider you can hang your drywall right over our fresh spray since our material has a mold inhibitor and feels almost dry to the touch. Did you know it is sometimes recommended to wait up to 3 days to hang drywall over wet spray cellulose? Don’t risk your families’ health with the chance for mold growth. It’s easy to see which choice is best.