At Mid South Insulation, we use the highest quality products possible to ensure the utmost satisfaction of our clients.

Our block foam insulation is a product of Poly Master Insulating Foams, which seals against air infiltration and boasts a high R-value. Block foam insulation is a leading option for residential and commercial concrete block foam.

Why Choose Block Foam with Mid South Insulation?

The primary benefits of block foam insulation are high efficiency and low cost installation. At Mid South Insulation, our goal is to ensure the success of your project. The benefits of working with block foam insulation include, but are not limited to:

High R-Value

8” Concrete Masonry Blocks have an un-insulated R-Value of 2.2. With our foam-in-place insulation that number rises to R-11.1. With added fiberglass insulation to your band joist, you are making a complete unified wall system.


Block foam insulation is easily installed. Since block foam does not settle, it will fill all crevices and voids inside the wall, unlike loose fill insulation and Styrofoam board.

Controlled Crawlspace

In today’s market we are installing block foam to create a controlled crawlspace which is part of your homes heating envelope. Some advantages of a controlled crawl space include a clean and dry crawlspace as well as water lines that never freeze in lowered temperatures. It’s competitively priced and surpasses the testing requirements of current standard building codes.